Save the Date for Giving Tuesday

Sooner or later 98% of inmates will be released from State and Federal prisons. With the current high recidivism rates, these inmates have no chance for successful re-entry without community support. Rate of homelessness among this group is very high; they need academic and vocational skills to earn a living wage; more than half have untreated substance use disorder; lack of transportation and identification cards, felony status are among the many roadblocks they face upon their return to our communities. At Reentry Ready, we believe their successful re-entry improves communities’ safety, saves lives and tax payer’s money.

Reentry Ready programs start in prison with one on one and group mentoring, 12-step programs and meditation for substance use disorder. Our 2018 goals are to continue these programs into community settings post release; to provide housing and all their basic needs, case management, in-house 12-step programs, transportation, employment placement, family reunification, and personal and interpersonal skills developments. Our programs will stop the revolving doors of prisons and will reduce recidivism among our mentees by changing their old habits, rebuilding their self-esteem and self-respect to be contributing members of their community.

We can't accomplish these goals without your support. Every dollar raised goes right into the community, helping individuals and families be Reentry Ready.

You Can Make A Difference!

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