First Anniversary

Reentry Ready celebrates the first anniversary of the mentoring program at Lansing Correctional Facility. First I like to thank all mentor volunteers that are doing a great job in supporting, guiding and motivating our mentees. Thanks to Colleen Buckman, Mike Curry, Dan Nicely, Gerald Smith, Darius Hampton, Howard Fowler, Francisco Rascon…A special thanks for Mike Curry for taking additional responsibilities in escorting Colleen and me.

Our program starts 6 moths to a year prior to release and continues another 6 months after release. Our goals are to feel the gaps that limit successful transition from prison to society; to provide emotional support, cultivate hope, and assist in meeting basic needs, housing, and employment upon their release. Our efforts keep our mentees out of prison, employed, in a stable house living crime and drug/alcohol free life. Reentry Ready’s mission is to provide holistic support to those returning from prison, so we can save lives, keep communities safer and save tax payers money.

Thank you for all that supported us financially, and a special thanks to Tylor Construction Services and KC Dumpsters that are willing to hire our mentees.

Our program is expanding to Kansas City Release Center in Missouri; we need your continued support to achieve our mission. Contact us to be part of our mentoring program; if you will employee or have a rental property for our mentees.

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