Phase One—Pre-release

Most successful outcomes occur when programs and supports start several months prior to release and continue in community settings. Phase-One is institution-based program designed to prepare participants for successful re-entry.  At this phase we have one on one and group mentoring to address criminogenic  needs, 12-steps to change behaviors and meditation for self-knowledge, inner peace and better response to life situations. This is a volunteer participation for medium to high risk individuals.  The program length is six to twelve months pre-release.

Phase Two—Post-release

This phase continues pre-release mentoring for additional 6 months in community settings. Most pressing needs and challenges at post-release are managing substance use disorders, housing, employment, transportation, renewing ties with families, meeting parole conditions… to face these challenges participants need continued support, sounding board and steady nonjudgmental guide. By collaborating with other community based programs, private employers, 12-step programs, we continue to meet some of their needs at this phase.

Phase Three – Housing

Successful transition starts on meeting participants’ basic needs, food, clothing and shelter. Prior to securing employment, maintaining sobriety, or participating in pro social activities, participants need a stable housing. Supportive housing with service packages such us 12-steps for sobriety, education for GED, resume, mock interviews for employment, communal living for interpersonal skills, can be the foundations for lasting success. Recently, Reentry Ready did acquire a re-entry house in Kansas City, Missouri. We hope to expand re-entry housing in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Phase Four – Self-sufficiency (Future Program)

Community based long-term program. At this phase we will develop social enterprises to be training schools for residences and revenue sources to Reentry Ready organization. By creating a communal living that shares knowledge and resources, we will build a self-supporting and self-sufficient community and organization.