Prior to war on drugs and tough on crime policies, incarceration was limited to dangerous and violent offenders. Today, over three quarters of those sentenced to state prisons are convicted of nonviolent offenses. People with substance use disorder and mental health issues are sitting in prisons without adequate treatment. And when they return to our communities they are likely to return to prison within the first three years of release.

To help those that are stuck in the justice system due to their addiction, we believe proven and successful programs such as the 12-steps are important to address substance use disorders. Reentry Ready provides support to 12-step meetings in correctional facilities, we organize 12-step studies and our group mentoring program is based on 12-steps spiritual principles to help them lead a sober and clean life.

At Reentry Ready, we also believe addiction is a disease that should be treated not punished. Reforming criminal justice drug policies to stop incarcerating and start treating those with substance use disorder is more humane and cost effective.