According to Missouri Reentry Process 2012 report factors for recidivism, 53% of all prison admission have convictions for drug & alcohol offenses. Of those returning to prison 59% are for drug offenses; 42% of DWI prison admissions have five or more DWI convictions. 92% of those returning to prison required substance abuse treatment.

Behind Bars II: Substance Abuse and America’s Prison Population, article from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, “Alcohol was implicated in the incarceration of more than half of all inmates in America; illicit drugs were implicated in three-fourths of incarcerations”. Nationwide 1.5 out of the 2.3 million inmates are diagnosed for substance abuse or addiction. Because our current criminal justice policies are more for punishment than rehabilitation, in 2005 alone we spent $74 billion to convict, incarcerate and to parole those with substance abuse. And spent only $632 million on prevention and treatment. Both from local and national numbers it is abundantly clear we are treating addiction with incarceration.

At Reentry Ready, we believe addiction is a disease that can be treated not punished. One of the successful programs in addressing addiction is the 12-steps program. We will incorporate the 12-steps in all pre & post release programs.