Give for Another Chance at Life

At Reentry Ready, we provide support for people returning to society from incarceration. Our pre-and-post release programs contribute to successful re-integration.

Phase I

    • Pre-and Post-release one on one and group mentoring
    • Meditation and 12-step classes for substance use disorder
    • Resource for documentations such as birth certificate & driver license
    • Clothing and Toiletries
    • Housing resources
    • Resumes and job searches
    • Employment resources

Our Goal for 2018-2019
With your support we can meet their basic needs, food, clothing and shelter

Phase II

Housing is the number one challenge for people returning from prison to our communities. The majority don’t have money saved or families they can count on. Most are destined to homelessness. Our goal is to provide them rent free housing for a minimum of three months or till they find employment with a living wage.